Saturday, 26 July 2008

Scout Camp - off we go.

After an early start and quite abit of chivying Ben along we managed to get down to the Scout Hut for 8.15am. All the Scouts going on camp arrived in uniform (most looking quite tired) and they loaded up the coach and van with all their belongings. After the flag ceremony and a few group photos - of which I didn't have any because Julian had the camera packed on the coach - they were ready for their week long camp at Blackwell Court.

During the day I decided to plug the Tomtom into the computer to see if I could download a GPS update. It found an updated version of the application so I downloaded that, and then the Tomtom would not work - ARGHHHH. Two hours later after reloading the backup, googling other people's problems, I decided to moved everything off the memory card to a different location, then reloaded it with a previous backup - hey presto it worked. So glutton for punishment I decided to try and upload the new application again and it worked - hooray. It then found another newer version so I uploaded that and took another backup. So pleased it is all working again as we need it for our camping trips in August.

In the evening it was time to start my gardening duties.

As Julian is away for the week he has left me a long list of things that need doing in the garden. So I set about watering all the tomato plants, beans, peas, peppers, carrots, beetroot, kohl rabi, lettuce, strawberries, red cabbages, courgettes & squashes. The allotment is on my list for later in the week ( I am praying for rain so my watering duties will be reduced).

I picked a few ripe tomatoes and a lettuce and had chicken salad for tea again.

PS I gave our giant african land snails (GALS) Brian & Sophie some lettuce leaves and THEY ATE THEM. We have had these snails since January and all they have eaten is cucumber, what ever else we put in they didn't eat. So I will be trying lettuce again.

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Jules said...

Hey I didn't realise you had GALS too!!
Ours (Nip and Tuck) prefer cucumber or round lettuce..they don't like iceburg and they flat out refuse to eat fruit!! Fussy...!