Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My First Post in Blog World !

Well I thought I would drag myself into the "World of Blogs". Not sure how well I will keep it updated, but I can live in hope. Tia & Tina inpsired me to start by reading their blogs (I will work out how to post their links soon !! )

Sam had sports day at school today, followed by Youth Club, so I went to school to pick him up for 6pm, I was a few minutes left and he was last to be collected :(
When I got there he was wearing a bright yellow & blue football kit and proudly displaying his football trophy which he won in the lower school v. staff match. They won 2-1. The trophy is now standing on top of the TV for everyone to see.

While I was collecting Sam, Julian was trying to remove a virus from Ben's computer ! How many times do you have to tell a teenager not to download everything to the computer ? Thankfully he managed it, but it was still throwing up loads of pop-ups, so after more googling he found that "Blubster" was the problem so that has now been deleted.


Tina said...

fantastic that they gotthe trophy...and it has pride of place!

welcome to blogdom...look forward to keeping up to date with your madhouse from ours!

Tia said...

welcome to the blogosphere!