Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Not a good day

Sam and I had very little sleep last night - I was up and down like a yo-yo to him, he was sick a few times and I finally resorted to Chloral Hydrate at 2am a final cuddle and back into bed. This gave us both 4 hours sleep :)

I woke up with an awful headache - probably a combination of tiredness, stress & lack of food and drink yesterday. I took some paracetamol late morning and it went away, so I had a shower and felt refreshed.

I had booked Sam onto a playscheme today at his school - but I decided not to send him as he wasn't happy & looked quite tired ( I wonder why ??) I spent the rest of the day finding suitable TV programs for him, mopping up sick and creeping round him while he slept.

Early evening saw me on garden duties again - I did a little harvesting and produced this lot :-
As there is only me at home this week I decided to make a vegetable curry with most of these goodies plus an onion, pepper & mushrooms I found lurking in the fridge. That will keep me fed for a few nights !

I kept Sam up till about 10.30pm in the hope that he would go straight down to sleep - but he didn't. I only had to get him up once so not too bad.

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