Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Eggy Bread Wednesdays

Ben goes to Scouts on Wednesdays during the school term. And for a while now he has wanted eggy bread (bread soaked in eggs and fried until brown & yummy !!) before he goes out. Not only does he request this but he also insists that I add tomato sauce on the top. Easy you may say - OH NO - I have to come up with a different pattern every week, and then he gives me a mark out of ten.

I am not the most artistic person, but I try my best. Sometimes trying to theme the design on what is happening at home, school etc etc. Previous attempts have been the odd french word, football scores, noughts & crosses. I never get a very good score, but last week I achieved 9/10, mainly because that is what I wrote in sauce and Ben read it out, so I took that as his score :)

This week I was a bit rushed so I only wrote his name - this gave me a poor 4/10.

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Gingerswine said...

Mr Flatt here. You seem to have conveniently 'forgotten' that on the rare occassions that I cook Ben's Eggy Bread I seem to get consistently higher marks than you. As I too have no artistic talent I can only assume this is because my immature behaviour is more closely aligned to that of a teenager than yours.