Sunday, 27 July 2008

Heckington Show

Another early start. Sam & I had arranged to help my friend Denys on the Girlguiding stall at her local village show - Heckington Show. We arrived at 10.30am after a 2 hour journey and spent a very enjoyable day helping out making friendship knots with any children that stopped at the stall and handing out leaflets promoting Girlguiding in the hope that we might recruit a new leader or two. The Guides were waitressing at the table serving teas, coffees & cakes.

After a very hot and muggy day we stacked all the chairs away, took down the gazebo and display boards and collected together our bits and bobs. I left at about 6.30pm and on my way home dropped in on my friend Tina and her family for a quick chat, hug and cup of tea - thanks Tina.

We finally arrived home at 9.30pm and soon collapsed into bed, to get ready for another early start the next day.

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Tina said...

It was really good to see you Caroline, I hope all went well for Sam yesterday,I was thiking of him and you.

Sorry david was less than hospitable, he was really struggling overthe weekend today he was saying how nice it was that you called in and hoped you would do so again! I resisted the urge to day he couldhave made more effort!