Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hospital Visit

Sam had an 8.30am appointment this morning for an x-ray and then 9.10am to see the consultant - Mr K. These were both for his ongoing problem with kidney stones.
Since seeing the Mr K. in April this year Sam has had 2 x-rays of his kidneys, a CT scan and a DMSA (Di Mercapto Succinic Acid test) thank goodness they abbreviate that one ! (a radioactive dye is injected and then the function of the kidney can be recorded).
These tests showed that Sam's right kidney has yet again filled up with stones, but thankfully it is still functioning normally although it is quite large compared to the left. Mr K. wants to operate again on the 28th July to remove the stones - he has booked the theatre and the other surgeon Mr B. is free. This would be the 5th operation Sam has had for kidney stones in 2 years.

This is what they removed on the 1st operation :-

But Ben & Julian are off on Scout camp on 26th for a week so I didn't really want to be spending that week in hospital with Sam on my own. Mr K. said he would re-arrange it for after the summer holidays - but he still wants Sam in on 28th to put in a stent just incase any of the stone dislodges.

We then had to go for a pre-op, so all the paper work is done for 28th. Sam should be first on the list so I hope we get get home by mid afternoon as I have bought tickets for us to watch a pre-season football friendly between Norwich City & Tottenham Hot Spurs.

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wow! unbelieveable all they got out last time!