Friday, 25 July 2008

Lowestoft Air Show

As the weather was forecast to be good, myself, Ben & Sam decided to go to Lowestoft Air Show

On arriving in Lowestoft after an uneventful 1 hour drive we made our way to the designated disabled car park - to be told there was only one space left, as I was driving a Transit van I wasn't too hopeful that it would fit in - but luck was on our side and the carpark attendant had mis-counted because there were 2 spaces.

We gathered all our belongings and headed for the sea-front which was HEAVING with thousands of people !!! We walked as far as the Claremont Pier and set our picnic blanket out on the very pleasant grass (surrounded by beautiful flower beds).

Sun cream was applied to myself & Sam - Ben refused. And we sat and waited for the Red Arrows to start the display. Ben got a little bored and hot - but refused to take his jacket off.

When the display started Ben decided to take some photos - I had taken the camera, charged the batteries up the night before, and then left the batteries at home. So he had to use my phone camera - which didn't last long as the battery on that died. Sam started to get grizzly soon after we arrived, so I got him out of his chair and laid him on the blanket - he wasn't much happier there.

This was my favourite display by the Red Arrows :-

After the Red Arrows had finished I went off to get some lunch as Ben was STARVING. Sam grizzled all through lunch and was starting to get quite hot - we sheltered him from the sun with my umbrella and Ben lent him his ipod to listen too.

After lunch Sam sat with me for a little while but was still not happy - so I put him back in his chair and put my umbrella over him - he cooled down and was happy for the rest of the day :) He didn't seem at all interested in the planes, he was so busy watching everybody else wandering around. The only time he reacted was during the Typhoon display which was amazing - but the noise was incredible, it goes right through you, I thought he was going to scream, but he held it together and just looked worried.

All in all not a bad day out.

When we got home I dropped Ben down at the local Scout hut to help pack the lorry for camp the next day. When Julian got home he went down to help too. When they had finished they came home and put the finishing touches to their own packing.

Chicken salad with garlic bread for tea, off to bed for an 8.15 meet down at the scout hut.

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