Thursday, 31 July 2008

Glitter everywhere !!

Sam was at the Hamlet Centre playscheme today - he likes it there - he can wind the centre manager Terri around his little finger.

He was assigned Caitlin as his 1-1 helper which he seemed very pleased about. When I went back to collect him I noticed he had some glittery bits on his arm - he had been decorating a little fish picture in the art room.

On later examination when I got him home he had glitter everywhere and I mean everywhere ! I think he must have enjoyed himself.

While Sam was at expressing his artistic talent I went and had my eyes tested. My right eye has deteriorated slightly so they advised getting some new glasses. I tried on lots of pairs but couldn't find anything that I liked that wasn't much different to the ones I had. So in the end I choose some new frames for my sunglasses and have ordered some new lenses for my existing frames. Hopefully they will be ready later next week.

Vegetable curry for tea again !


Normins said...

Hehe we often have the glitter in the nappy scenario when S gets in from school - no idea how they manage it!

Robyn said...

i love glitter...i have a friend whos husband is almost OCD about not having glitter in the i buy it on purpose! lol
nice fish Sam btw...hoping to see some artistic talent at the camp this year