Saturday, 19 July 2008

My First Guide Camp

I have been involved with 2nd Taverham Guides now for just over a year. Having done Brownies & their pack holidays for 11 years - I am about to experience my first Guide camp.

We are only camping at our local Scout hut where we hold our weekly meetings - but it should be fun, we have got 14 guides coming and there will be 4 adult leaders.

This morning myself, Chris, Mags & Vanessa met at the Scout hut and put up both the adult's tents and the first aid tent. Then we set off for Asda to buy all the food. Ninety minutes later we had spent £115 and had 2 shopping trolleys quite full of goodies for the weekend.

We had a quick sandwich at the local pub and then all went home to pack our clothes, wellies & waterproofs.

The Guides arrived at the campsite at 6.30pm and the weather was fine. After booking in all the healthforms we set about getting the girls to put up their tents and the store tent. Once the tents were up the heavens opened - the girls went in the scout hut for hotdogs and hot chocolate and a safety and hygiene talk as well as playing games.

The last Guides finally went to sleep at about 1.30am and the first Guides were awake at 5am (probably because it was pouring down again !!)

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