Monday, 23 February 2009

Our Chickens Have Arrived !

I went over to Cambridge Poultry to collect our chickens today. They were very quiet on the way back in their cardboard boxes. When I got home I put the boxes in the run but the hens didn't want to come out of the boxes, I had to almost tip them upside down, you would have thought they were holding on to something in the box.

Anyway they were very quiet and nervous all afternoon and didn't really move around the run very much. Let's hope they settle in quickly and start laying eggs.

Mavis is a Babcock (Julian's)

Misty is a Blubelle (Mine)

Maiden is a Black Sussex (Ben's)

Marmite is a Gold Nera (Sam's)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sore Feet

Sam keeps getting sores on his heels and ankles. He has stopped wearing his AFO's because the orthotic bod said they were not doing any good any more - his feet are too far gone now :(

We are now awaiting an appointment with the surgeon to see if there is anything he can do.

He had an awful infection in his left ankle just after Christmas - this cleared up eventually after a couse of AB's, but he spent weeks not wearing any shoes, which probably caused more damage to his feet.
He then got a pressure sore on the bottom of his heel on the left foot - this cleared up after a few weeks, but it reappeared on his right heel, and he needed another course of AB's to clear this one and some dressings from the nurse.

I wish I knew how to prevent these - we take his shoes off at home, place cushions & sheepskins on his bed so his feet are protected ....

But he is still a happy chappy :-

Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Sleepover Without Any Sleep !

Ben had a friend round for a sleepover this weekend. They had it all planned out what they wanted to do, and it didn't involve any sleeping - just playing on the xbox.

They made a list of all the games they wanted to play and they ticked them off as they achieved their goals !

We had KFC for tea, as A had never had it before - not my favourite, but they were happy :)

We went off to bed at about 11pm and they moved the xbox into the front room because the telly is abit bigger in there.

In the morning when I got up they were still playing games, albeit a little quieter than the evening before and they still had school uniform on !

But by 11am - sleep hit Ben, A got bored so I ran him home.

Ben slept in the armchair till about 2pm - then got up, asked where A was, and disappeared off to bed, till I woke him for his tea at 8.30.

It's a great idea - they stay up all night while you sleep, and then they sleep during the day - I think I might survive his teenage days if this could continue !

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Updating my blog

I will be attempting to fill in the gaps in my blog since I haven't updated it since 31st Oct - I have taken quite a few photos so hopefully they will jog my memory as to what has happened in our life.