Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Sleepover Without Any Sleep !

Ben had a friend round for a sleepover this weekend. They had it all planned out what they wanted to do, and it didn't involve any sleeping - just playing on the xbox.

They made a list of all the games they wanted to play and they ticked them off as they achieved their goals !

We had KFC for tea, as A had never had it before - not my favourite, but they were happy :)

We went off to bed at about 11pm and they moved the xbox into the front room because the telly is abit bigger in there.

In the morning when I got up they were still playing games, albeit a little quieter than the evening before and they still had school uniform on !

But by 11am - sleep hit Ben, A got bored so I ran him home.

Ben slept in the armchair till about 2pm - then got up, asked where A was, and disappeared off to bed, till I woke him for his tea at 8.30.

It's a great idea - they stay up all night while you sleep, and then they sleep during the day - I think I might survive his teenage days if this could continue !

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