Sunday, 2 May 2010

Car Booting

Up bright and early Saturday morning with Sam's transit loaded up with a fraction of the Bits & Bobs that has been donated to Ben for his World Jamboree fundraising.

The weather wasn't supposed to be too good - but the sun shone and the crowds arrived to maraud our stall - Julian was very controlled and didn't swear at or hit any body who offered tuppence for 10 DVDs "just to help us out and get shot of them".

We came home with a lighter load and £156 in cash - good mornings work.

We reloaded the transit Saturday evening with the hope of a repeat performance - but sadly the weather was against us and peeping out of the curtains at 6.15am all we saw was grey skies and drizzle.

So now we have to unload the van today, fill up our spare room again - because we need the van to collect Sam from respite tomorrow morning. 

Must find another spare Saturday/Sunday when the weather is good to do it all again.