Thursday, 31 July 2008

Glitter everywhere !!

Sam was at the Hamlet Centre playscheme today - he likes it there - he can wind the centre manager Terri around his little finger.

He was assigned Caitlin as his 1-1 helper which he seemed very pleased about. When I went back to collect him I noticed he had some glittery bits on his arm - he had been decorating a little fish picture in the art room.

On later examination when I got him home he had glitter everywhere and I mean everywhere ! I think he must have enjoyed himself.

While Sam was at expressing his artistic talent I went and had my eyes tested. My right eye has deteriorated slightly so they advised getting some new glasses. I tried on lots of pairs but couldn't find anything that I liked that wasn't much different to the ones I had. So in the end I choose some new frames for my sunglasses and have ordered some new lenses for my existing frames. Hopefully they will be ready later next week.

Vegetable curry for tea again !

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Guess what I had for tea tonight ?

Umm lets think !!!

Yes that's correct - VEGETABLE CURRY - yum yum :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Not a good day

Sam and I had very little sleep last night - I was up and down like a yo-yo to him, he was sick a few times and I finally resorted to Chloral Hydrate at 2am a final cuddle and back into bed. This gave us both 4 hours sleep :)

I woke up with an awful headache - probably a combination of tiredness, stress & lack of food and drink yesterday. I took some paracetamol late morning and it went away, so I had a shower and felt refreshed.

I had booked Sam onto a playscheme today at his school - but I decided not to send him as he wasn't happy & looked quite tired ( I wonder why ??) I spent the rest of the day finding suitable TV programs for him, mopping up sick and creeping round him while he slept.

Early evening saw me on garden duties again - I did a little harvesting and produced this lot :-
As there is only me at home this week I decided to make a vegetable curry with most of these goodies plus an onion, pepper & mushrooms I found lurking in the fridge. That will keep me fed for a few nights !

I kept Sam up till about 10.30pm in the hope that he would go straight down to sleep - but he didn't. I only had to get him up once so not too bad.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Almost 12 hours in hospital

Another early start in the Flatt household. Sam was due at the hospital at 7.15am for the insertion of a JJ Stent (see my previous post Thurs 17th July ). We arrived at just after 7am and bumped into my god-daughter Helen who is a paediatric nurse. Helen has just started working at the Norfolk & Norwich after almost a year at Addenbrookes. Unfortunately she wasn't working on the Buxton Ward, but in CAU, so that meant we wouldn't be seeing her during the day.

We were greeted on the ward and as we have had quite a few visits in the last eighteen months we didn't have to tell them who we were, they recognised us !!

Sam was supposed to be first on the list, but they had mislaid all his notes, so we had to go through all the pre-assessment bumph again. Had a chat with the consultant, then the anaesthetist who recognised us too. They waited a little while for the notes, because the anaesthetist didn't want to go ahead until he had read through the previous GA notes (was pleased about this). But how can anyone mislay Sam's notes they are about 8 inches high, it's not as though they could slip behind anything.

We were put back to second on the list, the notes turned up, and the theatre staff came to collect Sam at about 9.40am.

With the last 2 GA's Sam has had he has started retching as soon as we reach the anaesthetic room, I guess it must be nerves. So I decided to prepare myself with bowl & paper towels. But I was too late, he decided to start retching when the chap from theatre came to collect him.

After 3 attempts at getting a cannula in Sam's hand they resorted to using gas, which terrified Sam and made him retch even more, but he finally went to sleep after abit of suctioning.

I waited in the parents room and after 50 minutes the consultant came through to say everything had gone to plan. I was then called through to recovery, Sam was awake but a bit dopey. The nurse wanted to give him oxygen to keep his O2 levels up but every time she moved the mask near his face he retched, so we decided to leave him alone, unless it became seriously low. He was sick once and required suctioning, but was soon ready to return to the ward.

We got back to the ward at about 12, and Sam was fine, no more retching, he had a few sips of squash and and nibbled on some cheese & onion crisps. At about 4pm consultant came round and said we could go home. He wants Sam back again either on 1st or 8th September to remove the kidney stones.

We finally left the hospital at 6.45pm because we had to wait for the antibiotics to come up from pharmacy.

As I knew Ben & Julian would be away this week I had bought tickets for Sam & I to watch the pre-season friendly football match between Norwich City & Tottenham. Kick off was at 7.45pm, so this required a quick drive in to Norwich city centre, hunt down a parlking space (not easy on a football day) and then a mad dash to Carrow Road. We arrived with time to spare, but I was shattered. Sam wasn't too interested in watching the football, he was too busy watching the crowds. Anyway early in the second half he began to get upset so we made for the exit and came home, Norwich were already losing 1-3 (final score 1-5 oh dear !)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Heckington Show

Another early start. Sam & I had arranged to help my friend Denys on the Girlguiding stall at her local village show - Heckington Show. We arrived at 10.30am after a 2 hour journey and spent a very enjoyable day helping out making friendship knots with any children that stopped at the stall and handing out leaflets promoting Girlguiding in the hope that we might recruit a new leader or two. The Guides were waitressing at the table serving teas, coffees & cakes.

After a very hot and muggy day we stacked all the chairs away, took down the gazebo and display boards and collected together our bits and bobs. I left at about 6.30pm and on my way home dropped in on my friend Tina and her family for a quick chat, hug and cup of tea - thanks Tina.

We finally arrived home at 9.30pm and soon collapsed into bed, to get ready for another early start the next day.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Scout Camp - off we go.

After an early start and quite abit of chivying Ben along we managed to get down to the Scout Hut for 8.15am. All the Scouts going on camp arrived in uniform (most looking quite tired) and they loaded up the coach and van with all their belongings. After the flag ceremony and a few group photos - of which I didn't have any because Julian had the camera packed on the coach - they were ready for their week long camp at Blackwell Court.

During the day I decided to plug the Tomtom into the computer to see if I could download a GPS update. It found an updated version of the application so I downloaded that, and then the Tomtom would not work - ARGHHHH. Two hours later after reloading the backup, googling other people's problems, I decided to moved everything off the memory card to a different location, then reloaded it with a previous backup - hey presto it worked. So glutton for punishment I decided to try and upload the new application again and it worked - hooray. It then found another newer version so I uploaded that and took another backup. So pleased it is all working again as we need it for our camping trips in August.

In the evening it was time to start my gardening duties.

As Julian is away for the week he has left me a long list of things that need doing in the garden. So I set about watering all the tomato plants, beans, peas, peppers, carrots, beetroot, kohl rabi, lettuce, strawberries, red cabbages, courgettes & squashes. The allotment is on my list for later in the week ( I am praying for rain so my watering duties will be reduced).

I picked a few ripe tomatoes and a lettuce and had chicken salad for tea again.

PS I gave our giant african land snails (GALS) Brian & Sophie some lettuce leaves and THEY ATE THEM. We have had these snails since January and all they have eaten is cucumber, what ever else we put in they didn't eat. So I will be trying lettuce again.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Lowestoft Air Show

As the weather was forecast to be good, myself, Ben & Sam decided to go to Lowestoft Air Show

On arriving in Lowestoft after an uneventful 1 hour drive we made our way to the designated disabled car park - to be told there was only one space left, as I was driving a Transit van I wasn't too hopeful that it would fit in - but luck was on our side and the carpark attendant had mis-counted because there were 2 spaces.

We gathered all our belongings and headed for the sea-front which was HEAVING with thousands of people !!! We walked as far as the Claremont Pier and set our picnic blanket out on the very pleasant grass (surrounded by beautiful flower beds).

Sun cream was applied to myself & Sam - Ben refused. And we sat and waited for the Red Arrows to start the display. Ben got a little bored and hot - but refused to take his jacket off.

When the display started Ben decided to take some photos - I had taken the camera, charged the batteries up the night before, and then left the batteries at home. So he had to use my phone camera - which didn't last long as the battery on that died. Sam started to get grizzly soon after we arrived, so I got him out of his chair and laid him on the blanket - he wasn't much happier there.

This was my favourite display by the Red Arrows :-

After the Red Arrows had finished I went off to get some lunch as Ben was STARVING. Sam grizzled all through lunch and was starting to get quite hot - we sheltered him from the sun with my umbrella and Ben lent him his ipod to listen too.

After lunch Sam sat with me for a little while but was still not happy - so I put him back in his chair and put my umbrella over him - he cooled down and was happy for the rest of the day :) He didn't seem at all interested in the planes, he was so busy watching everybody else wandering around. The only time he reacted was during the Typhoon display which was amazing - but the noise was incredible, it goes right through you, I thought he was going to scream, but he held it together and just looked worried.

All in all not a bad day out.

When we got home I dropped Ben down at the local Scout hut to help pack the lorry for camp the next day. When Julian got home he went down to help too. When they had finished they came home and put the finishing touches to their own packing.

Chicken salad with garlic bread for tea, off to bed for an 8.15 meet down at the scout hut.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

My Weekend at Camp

Having been woken up at 5am by giggling chatty Guides and a downpour of rain - we finally emerged from our tents at 7am and the weather was fine.

Washed & dressed the Guides started their patrol fires to cook breakfast - sausage, bacon, beans & eggy bread - washed down with apple juice.

After breakfast came the washing up :-

A local Rainbow pack came to visit us at 10am - they learnt how the Guides had built their fires, visited their tents and helped tidy them, had a drink and biscuit, then played fruit salad with the Guides. Their mascot Olivia came along to and she stayed the night and went home with Chris.

Then came the water fight fun - water bombs, buckets and plastic cups with holes. The girls had a great time.

After a picnic lunch we had a "Wide Game" and then it was backwards cooking - they made chocolate chip cookies and pizzas.

After eating the pizzas it was time to start cooking tea - Chicken wraps with onion, mushroom, peppers & tomatoes !!

After more washing up we had a camp fire and camp songs. All the Guides were asleep by 11pm.

Sunday morning arrived and it was dry again - we had a quick breakfast of rice krispies, yoghurt, warm croissants and more apple juice.

Then down to the serious tack of cleaning all those frying pans, pots & kettle - from black to shiny in about 60 minutes.

Another quick drink and snack then the tents had to come down after being moved into the sun to dry off and Mags & Vanessa wiping them with cloths.

Twelve o'clock noon was going home time for the Guides - they all looked very tierd but happy - so a job well done.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

My First Guide Camp

I have been involved with 2nd Taverham Guides now for just over a year. Having done Brownies & their pack holidays for 11 years - I am about to experience my first Guide camp.

We are only camping at our local Scout hut where we hold our weekly meetings - but it should be fun, we have got 14 guides coming and there will be 4 adult leaders.

This morning myself, Chris, Mags & Vanessa met at the Scout hut and put up both the adult's tents and the first aid tent. Then we set off for Asda to buy all the food. Ninety minutes later we had spent £115 and had 2 shopping trolleys quite full of goodies for the weekend.

We had a quick sandwich at the local pub and then all went home to pack our clothes, wellies & waterproofs.

The Guides arrived at the campsite at 6.30pm and the weather was fine. After booking in all the healthforms we set about getting the girls to put up their tents and the store tent. Once the tents were up the heavens opened - the girls went in the scout hut for hotdogs and hot chocolate and a safety and hygiene talk as well as playing games.

The last Guides finally went to sleep at about 1.30am and the first Guides were awake at 5am (probably because it was pouring down again !!)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hospital Visit

Sam had an 8.30am appointment this morning for an x-ray and then 9.10am to see the consultant - Mr K. These were both for his ongoing problem with kidney stones.
Since seeing the Mr K. in April this year Sam has had 2 x-rays of his kidneys, a CT scan and a DMSA (Di Mercapto Succinic Acid test) thank goodness they abbreviate that one ! (a radioactive dye is injected and then the function of the kidney can be recorded).
These tests showed that Sam's right kidney has yet again filled up with stones, but thankfully it is still functioning normally although it is quite large compared to the left. Mr K. wants to operate again on the 28th July to remove the stones - he has booked the theatre and the other surgeon Mr B. is free. This would be the 5th operation Sam has had for kidney stones in 2 years.

This is what they removed on the 1st operation :-

But Ben & Julian are off on Scout camp on 26th for a week so I didn't really want to be spending that week in hospital with Sam on my own. Mr K. said he would re-arrange it for after the summer holidays - but he still wants Sam in on 28th to put in a stent just incase any of the stone dislodges.

We then had to go for a pre-op, so all the paper work is done for 28th. Sam should be first on the list so I hope we get get home by mid afternoon as I have bought tickets for us to watch a pre-season football friendly between Norwich City & Tottenham Hot Spurs.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Eggy Bread Wednesdays

Ben goes to Scouts on Wednesdays during the school term. And for a while now he has wanted eggy bread (bread soaked in eggs and fried until brown & yummy !!) before he goes out. Not only does he request this but he also insists that I add tomato sauce on the top. Easy you may say - OH NO - I have to come up with a different pattern every week, and then he gives me a mark out of ten.

I am not the most artistic person, but I try my best. Sometimes trying to theme the design on what is happening at home, school etc etc. Previous attempts have been the odd french word, football scores, noughts & crosses. I never get a very good score, but last week I achieved 9/10, mainly because that is what I wrote in sauce and Ben read it out, so I took that as his score :)

This week I was a bit rushed so I only wrote his name - this gave me a poor 4/10.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My First Post in Blog World !

Well I thought I would drag myself into the "World of Blogs". Not sure how well I will keep it updated, but I can live in hope. Tia & Tina inpsired me to start by reading their blogs (I will work out how to post their links soon !! )

Sam had sports day at school today, followed by Youth Club, so I went to school to pick him up for 6pm, I was a few minutes left and he was last to be collected :(
When I got there he was wearing a bright yellow & blue football kit and proudly displaying his football trophy which he won in the lower school v. staff match. They won 2-1. The trophy is now standing on top of the TV for everyone to see.

While I was collecting Sam, Julian was trying to remove a virus from Ben's computer ! How many times do you have to tell a teenager not to download everything to the computer ? Thankfully he managed it, but it was still throwing up loads of pop-ups, so after more googling he found that "Blubster" was the problem so that has now been deleted.