Sunday, 20 July 2008

My Weekend at Camp

Having been woken up at 5am by giggling chatty Guides and a downpour of rain - we finally emerged from our tents at 7am and the weather was fine.

Washed & dressed the Guides started their patrol fires to cook breakfast - sausage, bacon, beans & eggy bread - washed down with apple juice.

After breakfast came the washing up :-

A local Rainbow pack came to visit us at 10am - they learnt how the Guides had built their fires, visited their tents and helped tidy them, had a drink and biscuit, then played fruit salad with the Guides. Their mascot Olivia came along to and she stayed the night and went home with Chris.

Then came the water fight fun - water bombs, buckets and plastic cups with holes. The girls had a great time.

After a picnic lunch we had a "Wide Game" and then it was backwards cooking - they made chocolate chip cookies and pizzas.

After eating the pizzas it was time to start cooking tea - Chicken wraps with onion, mushroom, peppers & tomatoes !!

After more washing up we had a camp fire and camp songs. All the Guides were asleep by 11pm.

Sunday morning arrived and it was dry again - we had a quick breakfast of rice krispies, yoghurt, warm croissants and more apple juice.

Then down to the serious tack of cleaning all those frying pans, pots & kettle - from black to shiny in about 60 minutes.

Another quick drink and snack then the tents had to come down after being moved into the sun to dry off and Mags & Vanessa wiping them with cloths.

Twelve o'clock noon was going home time for the Guides - they all looked very tierd but happy - so a job well done.

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Tia said...

I hope ours is as peaceful - we leave on Friday!