Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Wheelchair Services

Shock Horror - we only had to wait 2 months for an appointment to have Sam's wheelchair reviewed - Amazing !!

It took 2 of them almost 2 hours to take the seat apart and move all the bits to make it bigger for him, and put it back together again.

He only got the chair in January, but has had a big growth spurt since. I was hoping this chair would see him through for a few years but it is now almost at the it's limit for growing. So glad we didn't contribute to the cost this time !

Sam has an Ottobock Discovery base with large rear wheels and a Gill III seating system.

They have now added a harness because if he was tired or unwell he would sit in his chair like this !!

I was told by the OT that issued the chair that he would learn to sit up straight in it - Yeah Right !

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Robyn said...

this age is hard cos they suddenly start growing RAPIDLY! we had similar problems with beth..shes evened off a bit now..thankfully!
i think the harness is a good idea there!!! lol