Monday, 1 September 2008

Tomatoes & Razor Clams

As we have been away for a week - you can guess what the greenhouse was full of again .....


Out came the roasting tins again, halve all the tomatoes, crush some garlic, mix it with olive oil, drizzle over the toms, and then roast for about 45 mins. This is delicious on toast for lunch, but any left over is pushed through a sieve and frozen in smallish quantities for use in pasta sauces etc etc.

After eating some toms on toast we loaded up the van and set off to Hunstanton as it was low tide and we were after some clams.

When we arrived the lifeboat was just going out, but we missed as it took a while to get Sam out of the van and Julian and his mate Jeremy donned their wellies.

All ready, we set off with our buckets and pots of salt and headed for the low water line.

Clams are burrowing mollusks which are found just above the low tide mark, and can be harvested by hand by pouring salt into their burrows. This causes them to pop up from the sand, as they confuse the salt with the rising tide.

They were quite alot of people on the beach digging for white ragworm - some come from miles away because apparently it is a much sought after bait for anglers. They use garden forks to dig the sand up and collect the worms.

After about an hour the wind suddenly whipped up, the skies darkened and the tide started to come in with great speed - it started to rain - Sam was not too impressed.

But we battled on and weathered out the storm and the blue sky reappeared. After collecting enough clams for 4 people we headed back to the car park. Sam was much happier on the way back.

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