Sunday, 14 September 2008

Home from hospital

Julian stayed at the hospital Friday & Saturday night and I relieved him during the day.
Saturday morning Sam had the drain removed from his back. The plan was to put a bag over the wound so any more blood/urine could drain into it, but the nurse thought a plaster would suffice. A couple of minutes later she replaced the plaster with a pad - this soaked through rather quickly. I mentioned the bag again, she said she would contact the SHO - she came back and said it would dry up in a couple of hours (in his last 2 ops it has taken about 24 hours and he comes home with the bag attached !) I humoured her and left it - soon the bed was soaked with urine/blood, this happened twice before she agreed to stick the bag on.

We could have come home Saturday evening but Sam decided to start weeing large clots of blood which didn't please the Doctors or nurses !

We finally escaped by late morning today.

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