Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Mad Dash to Brownies & Guides

It was the first night back to Brownies and Guides today after the summer holidays. As Sam was still in hospital I had arranged for his respite carer Lynn to sit with him from 4.30 - 8pm, and Julian from 8pm till I got back - I couldn't really cancel both meetings on the first week.

Brownies was as usual very loud - how can 15 - 18 young girls make so much noise ???

Guides was much better - we had a discussion about what they wanted to do this term - and it would appear they quite like dressing up and having parties - this seemed to be their most popular request ! So we have arranged one party at the end of October and another on the last week before Christmas. Other activities included scrap-booking, glass painting, ice skating, Wide games and Christmas crafts.

We finish Guides at 8.45pm, and as I hadn't had much sleep last night I was so ready to go to bed (albeit at the hospital !) How come when you have to leave promptly you always get one parent who is late and hasn't got their mobile phone switched on ? He finally arrived at 9.15pm !!!!

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