Sunday, 24 August 2008

We're all going on a Summer holiday .....

Sam woke up this morning bright and cheerful - so I gave him some fortini for breakfast - it stayed down - a trip to the bathroom showed that he had passed several large gooey, gritty lumps in his pad, so that was the cause of yesterday's discomfort (I wish he could tell us how he felt !)

I quickly dressed him in his Scout uniform and Julian set off to Eaton Vale with him and all his baggage in the rain !!

Ben & I quickly collected together everything else we needed for our holiday (I say quickly, but when Ben is involved nothing goes quickly !!!!) Anyway to make sure Ben didn't wander off or go on MSN or his x-box again I got him to sit in the car and wait for Julian.

40 minutes later Julian arrived home after dropping some of Sam's stuff off at friends (they are picking Sam up from camp tomorrow and then taking him over to his respite place, so we can go away) We set off for Devon at 10.10am - not too bad, except that it is pouring down.

We are camping at West Middlewick Farm.

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