Friday, 8 August 2008

Chutney Glutney

As we have a glut of tomatoes and courgettes I decided to make some Tomato & Apple chutney yesterday and a Courgette & Tomato today.

So I have had the preserving pan bubbling away with tomatoes, courgettes, apples sultanas, onion, sugar, vinegar, ginger and spices for hours over the last 2 days and we now have 9 jars of chutney to store away and eat with cooked meats & cheeses :)

And tonight for tea to use up more veg we are having marrow stuffed with savoury rice topped with grated cheese.

And because I have used up almost 4 lbs of tomatoes in my chutney - Julian picked some more !! I think I'll have to make some pasta sauce to freeze.


Robyn said...

wow you go girl!
i was pleased with my homemade burgers yesterday and my chicken marinade for my rained out bbq!

Anonymous said...

I am very jealous of the chutters! We just keep eating our veg, forcing the stuff down our throats in the form of pastas and fajitas, stews etc etc..... The tomatoes are only just starting at our allotment, clearly the sun in God's own County (Norfolk!) shines brighter and earlier!
Lillie stayed with my Mum in August and saw the fab elephants, and loved them.
Hope Sam is OK, I see he might have had a trip to the N&N today? We know Buxton Ward well!
Lots of love, Sarah xx

Caroline said...

Hi Sarah - we cheated, the toms are in our greenhouse !