Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sam's Scout Camp

Today should have been the start of Sam's 2 night camp with the 46th Norwich Scout patrol.

But the day didn't go to plan.

Sam woke up early and unusually for him he was whining while in bed - he usually cries if he wants to get up. So we left him a little while. When I went through to his room I noticed he had been sick and was covered in it. I quickly went a ran the bath and Julian carried him through to the bathroom. After being thoroughly cleaned, dried and dressed I took him through to the front room. He then proceeded to be sick again !! Another quick tidy up, a towel wrapped round him, he went to sleep for alittle while.

I phoned up to tell camp he wouldn't be joining them today.

He continued to alternate between being sick & sleeping during the afternoon.

As we were supposed to be going on holiday today - we decided to be optimistic and pack the car up with all our camping gear, just in case Sam recovered in the morning. We were 99% sure it was a kidney stone causing his problems.

In the evening the colour started to return to Sam's face so I gave him some of his fortinin diluted down and pumped through slowly - he kept it all down - so he went to bed and we kept our fingers crossed !

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