Monday, 4 August 2008

Our Allotment So Far

The allotments in our village are only just over 1 month old - the council have rented part of a field off Farmer Mack down Mack's Lane. There are about 35 plots of varying shapes & sizes, our is about 23m x 3.6m.

The meeting for the official handing over the the allotments was on 25th June, so we didn't start work until the 28th June and this is what we started with :-
So after quite a lot of digging, stone, weed & grass removing we had 2 raised beds ready to fill with horse manure. The next day Julian & I went out to get the manure - armed with sacks, wellies & garden forks, over the course of the day we collected 38 sacks of manure and took them up to the allotment.

As we had been waiting for our allotment since Christmas, Julian had already got lots of vegetable plants at home that he had started off from seed. So over the next couple of weeks he worked very hard making 2 more raised beds, digging in the manure and planting the vegs.

By the 12th July it looked like this :-

And by the 2nd Aug it looked like this :-

Over the last 2 weeks we have been inundated with these horrible critters :-

This week we collected another 20 bags of manure and Julian has put together another raised bed and planted some of our strawberry plants.

But we have started harvested vegetables - this week we had a lovely bag of mixed salad leaves - much to Ben's delight or should I say DISGUST, a huge marrow and we swapped a beetroot for 5 radishes !

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Anonymous said...

We (well Jol!) has a few veg growing in the garden this year - in a desperate attempt to get Jack to regard veg as anything but the devil's own food! The courgettes did well - in fact too well - one lasted us 3 meals! We had 5 raspberries and 2 blueberries too!

Then we forgot to put the netting back down one night and something had a good feast!

Oh well - will try again!