Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fracture Clinic

Today was my fracture clinic appointment at 9.45am. My arm was feeling alot better, still didn't have the ability to straighten or bend it, but I did manage to get Sam ready for school. I thought about cancelling, but decided to go just so they could give me the all clear. I drove up to the hospital and then put my sling on for the first time since Friday, just so I didn't get told off, and also so I would actually look as though I was there for an appointment.

I didn't have too wait long to be called through. The doctor looked at my x-ray and said he needed a 2nd opinion and went off for a chat. I had decided he was going to send me home, but no, he told me I needed a CT scan to see if there was anymore damage and that I might need an operation :( He then decided to admit me to the orthopaedic ward as I would get a CT scan much quicker.

So a quick call to Julian to explain what was happening and to request an overnight bag and I went back in to start the admission paperwork.

They took my blood pressure and after about 5 attempts, it was really high 208/something - this caused quite an alarm i the department, and a message put in my notes that it needed checking 4 hourly and that if it didn't drop below 170 then the Dr was to be paged and I was to be given some medication.

I walked with the nurse up to Gately ward where they found me a bed in a side room with a lovely lady from Londonderry, I was so glad I wasn't on one of the main bays as it was quite an elderly ward and I was probably the youngest one there by about 40 years !

I got to the ward at about 11.15 and my CT scan was booked for 3pm. A porter came to get me with a wheelchair which he insisted I had to sit in and be pushed all the way to Radiology.
The results of the CT scan were not looked at by my doctor so I had to stay in overnight - still convinced I was wasting everybodies time & money.

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