Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Decision Day & A Week Of Firsts

Amazingly I had quite a good nights sleep - my blood pressure came down to within the high end of normal so the nurse said she wouldn't disturb me through the night.

Breakfast came round so had a coffee & some toast, and then just as I was finishing off the last mouthful of coffee the consultant burst in and said I was on the operating list and was nil by mouth !!!!!

More paperwork, a visit from the anaesthetist, another doctor (who wasn't sure what procedure would be done as it would depend on what they found when they manipulated my arm under x-ray, maybe no op, maybe wired or screwed !) blood taken (after 5 attempts - finally got it out of my left wrist - PAINFUL !) - I was finally whisked away  by a lovely chatty theatre porter at 1.40pm.

All the theatre staff were really nice and I can remember being given an injection in the cannula - but can't remember going to sleep. I can only remember waking up in recovery at 3pm with my arm all bandaged up and in a sling.

They did an open reduction and internal fixation with a screw and the consultant was very pleased with the result - but boy does my arm hurt now - it is more painful than when I broke it on Friday. 

This week for the first time in my life I have :-

Broken a Bone
Had a CT scan
Had a general anaesthetic
Had an operation other than C-Section
Had my arm in a sling

Note to oneself - I really must be more careful.

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