Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Fish & Chips at the seaside - Yum Yum

My Dad and Sylvia came down on Sunday for a few days - it was lovely to see them again.

We introduced them to the Wii and had them playing ten pin bowling, golf & baseball - they said they might buy one when they return home ! I was chatting to my friend Denys the other day and she said her parents have got one and when they get together with her children they can't get any of them off the Wii - and the grandparents are the worst !

Today the weather was dry and bright so we decided to wrap up warm and go to Cromer on the north Norfolk coast for a walk and a blow. Quite alot of other people had the same idea - so by the time we wanted some fish and chips for lunch the queue at the shop was very long !!

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