Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year !

We had Julian's sister Nicola & her husband Peter round last night for a meal - it was lovely to see them. We don't see enough of them and they don't live very far away - but we all live very busy lives and time just flies by so quickly.

Ben's ipod nano recently broke - he took it on a Scout group hike (Don't ask me why !!), and someone dropped it in a puddle. I took it to a local shop to see if it could be repaired, but sadly no.

So on Monday this week we went onto Amazon and ordered a new ipod classic, with a staggering 120GB memory !!!!! Ben paid for it with his christmas money and his wages from his after school job.

Anyway it arrived yesterday while Ben was out, so I put it away because I knew if I gave it to him before Nicola & Peter arrived we wouldn't see him all evening.

So this morning I went through to his bedroom to tell him it had arrived -
but I had to fight my way through this :-

Then I had to wake him !! Isn't he cute ?

I think he was very pleased with it !


Anonymous said...

does he know we all now know he sleeps with his teddy?!!

Caroline said...

Yes ! He didn't seem to mind - he loves his little teddy.