Saturday, 23 May 2009

I.CAN.DO London

Today we set off at 6am to London with 37 Guides & 7 Leaders. We were on our way to Girlguiding UK headquarters on Buckingham Palace Road. We arrived just before 9.45am. We had a quick drink and then left our lunch in a safe place and set off on a walk round London following clues and counting objects, discussing what we saw and getting vital photos of the Guides at certain points - ie. in front of Buckingham palace with a unicorn in the photo, with Nelson's Column & the London Eye in the same photo and at the Ritz.

The weather was hot, the girls were tired after an early start so the enthusiasm started to wane half way round - it would have instantly revived if we said they could just go shopping !! A quick stop at a tourist shop on the Haymarket and we set off again via Whitehall back to the ICANDO centre.

There we had lunch and then the girls continued with some more activities at the centre before we let them loose in the Girlguiding shop and the souvenir shop next door.

We all had a great day.

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